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Discover how to get the best quick credits without having to pay interest or commissions. Thanks to the increase in offers, there are many entities that offer free fast loans with which you will get the money you need at zero cost. These are the current promotions:

Several kinds of quick credits that can be free

Currently, there is great competition in the financial sector, especially in the field of personal loans. Consequently, companies seek to innovate in their offers in order to differentiate themselves from the rest. Therefore, today we can find installment loans https://citrusnorth.com/installment-loans/ with which to finance us without interest. Thanks to the increase in the offer, we can find different kinds of quick credits without commissions :

  • Free mini-credits for free. They are the most fleeting financial products in the market and the companies that market them work with small amounts of money. With them, we can request up to 300 euros if it is our first time and receive the amount in 15 minutes. Therefore, they are ideal to cover small incidents that may arise. However, they have an average cost of 1.1%, so it is not advisable to exceed them.
  • Personal loan. They are the financing methods par excellence and with them, we can receive figures close to 50,000 euros relatively quickly. While there are companies that will lengthen the efforts over a week, others opt for speed and assure us that they will make the transfer of money in a few days. They are used for specific purposes (such as buying a car or renovating the house) and have an average APR of 8%.
  • Credit cards. With them finance our purchases comfortably. The maximum amount we can access depends on the entity we go to and our credit profile but can range between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. If we want to leave for free, we must make the reimbursement of everything spent over one month at the beginning of the next through a single payment. On the other hand, if we decide to postpone payment in monthly installments, financing with credit cards will have an average cost of 2% per month.
  • Consumer loans. These loans are marketed by private non-financial entities such as telephone companies or large stores that offer to finance for the ease of purchasing high-cost products. As these entities have the objective of selling products, they promote the payment in monthly installments without interest to attract a greater number of audiences.

We must bear in mind that not all offers are the same and that each type of free fast credit will have its own characteristics. That is why, before deciding on one or the other, it is convenient to carry out a small analysis of the characteristics that we want in a loan in order to obtain the financing that best suits our financial needs.

Caution with quick loans without interest

It is possible to get free personal loans for certain purposes, such as financing a driver’s license or a scholarship advance, for example. However, when the largest quick personal loans speak of interest-free loans, they usually refer to 0% TIN and not to the APR, which is a big difference.

The TIN is the direct cost that is applied to us by the fact that they lend us the capital we need and, therefore, can be equal to zero. However, this indicator does not include other additional expenses such as linked products and commissions, which in fact tend to be the aspects that will increase the final price that we will pay for the loan.

Following the same thread, note that interest-free loans tend to have this type of links and commissions, so they will not be 0% APR and, therefore, will not be free. It is precisely because of this aspect that to know exactly if a credit is free we must look at the APR since it is the indicator that will combine all the costs included in the credit itself.

When should I apply for free fast credits?

Minicréditos without interests is a good alternative to get extras of liquidity at specific moments when an unforeseen event requires it. However, due to its particular characteristics, it is important to know when it is convenient to use them to give them a responsible use and avoid over-indebtedness since, in case of not paying religiously the annual fees, we would apply the interest for delay.

First of all, we must take into account your short repayment term, which usually does not last more than 30 days, although it can go up to two and even three months. Before requesting this type of financing, we have to be completely sure that, after this month, we will be able to face the fast credit reimbursement without this endangering our economic health.

Secondly, we must bear in mind that this type of fast online credits is reimbursed in a single installment, that is, we will refund the total amount requested in a single payment. This is why we must ensure that the following month we will have sufficient solvency to be able to return them without problems.

Now, it does not mean that we should apply for them simply because we will not pay interest. In the agreed term we must return the requested capital and, if we delay or can not meet the payment, we will apply the usual interest plus the penalties for the delay in the refund.

When will I receive the money from the quick credits?

Quick credits, as the name suggests, allow us to get the money very quickly and enjoy it in a matter of minutes in our account. However, even if the lenders make the credit transfer at the moment they receive the signed contract, the transfer of the capital can take up to two business days to arrive.

This delay is due to the way in which transfers between banks work. Although transfers of money between accounts of the same bank are instantaneous, even if they occur on weekends, transfers between accounts of different entities will take between 24 and 48 hours to be effective. Since free fast credit entities do not have to check accounts in all banks, if the lender we go to does not have an account in our bank, the money will take longer to arrive.

Are there requirements to ask for free fast credits?

Indeed, there are a number of additional conditions that we must meet in order to qualify for immediate loans. Depending on the type of quick credit we go to, the requirements to obtain them without costs may vary. In addition to complying with the general contracting conditions, we will also have to take into account those of the promotion in question. The general requirements that require fast loans tend to coincide in all entities:

  • Being older is old. We will have to meet the minimum age established by the company to which we are going. It is usually 18 years but can reach up to 25.
  • Enjoy a regular, sufficient and justifiable income. So many adjectives only serve to indicate that we should be able to demonstrate customary rewards and that they are sufficiently large so that the reimbursement of the credit does not unbalance our economy.
  • Not be registered in a file of defaulters. Although many entities allow us to get quick mini-credits with ASNEF, the vast majority of lenders who offer free fast loans will not accept that we have outstanding debts.
  • Additional condition As we have said, the additional requirements will vary by entity. Among the most common we find the following:
    • Being a new client: this is usually the main condition to be able to obtain mini-credits without interest.
    • Recommend to a friend: many lenders have loyalty programs and will lower costs or eliminate them entirely if the person to whom we recommend the loan has hired.
    • Return it within a certain period of time: if we return it within the term indicated by the entity (normally it will be shorter than usual), we can obtain it for free.
    • Having a specific purpose: this requirement is more common in larger personal loans and is usually goals such as getting a driver’s license, buying a laptop or a mobile phone or asking for a scholarship advance.

Normally, the entity will only ask us to comply with one of the additional conditions previously mentioned and, obviously, with all the general requirements. If this is not the case, we will not be able to obtain fast free credits or they may even deny us access to the financing we are looking for.